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single thoughts of a one track mind
and my raving distrust in humankind
are getting me nowhere, leading me blind
and all my friends are leaving me behind
  I sit in the dark
    Hear the rain
      Try to hold back
        Want to explain
want to tell people the way that I feel
get a head shrink, you know, the "real deal"
but suddenly strangers have lost all appeal
so I'm left sitting here, left to rot and congeal
  In my sad desperation
    This is a demonstration
      Of a lonely girl's navigation
        Through a kind of dementation
Once I heard a quote, listen here, yessirree
"sad is only sad if you really want it to be"
I thought-thats bullshit-changed it to suit me
"everyone's always sad, its a government conspiracy"
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 0 0
Mental Crack
now to then
come share
condescend and pretend
lie says
rip my soul
leave me alone and alone
quick wit
late response
now I'm gone and I'm gone
stuck still
self abuse
small pill
relieve the pain from the bruise
mind ache
head storm
crash break
and now I'm warm and I'm warm
screaming of
my self defense is against
your eyes
dont pretend
those lies
prick me again and again
vent hate
fire rage
pure's fate
turn the page and the page
love for
blunt knife
mental crack
new thoughts of life and the life
wont quit
burn out
self inflict
some more of pain and of doubt
open mind
ask how
answers find
that for now just for now
stay stuck
scream hate
dumb luck
decides the fate of my fate
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 3 8
I Believe in Two
right now
I believe in two
two weeks until I can see you
and taste your beautiful voice
whispering chills up my spine
I believe in two
two years until I can run
and escape this mental blackness
encompassing my mind
I believe in two
two angels who keep me grounded
safe from the world
and my mental instability
I believe in two
two hours until tomorrow
a brand new day to awaken
a brand new side of me
I believe in two
two thoughts that drown my mind
to stay and suffer from sanity
or to leave the world behind
I believe in two
two ways to keep me happy
you're one, and I'm the other
but we're both too hard to find
I believe in two
two memories that tear me apart
one I can no longer stand
the other I can't figure out
I believe in two
two fears that keep me awake
startled by the smallest noise
weeping from the doubt
I believe in two
two answers for one question
I can't decide which one is real
breaking down beside myself
I believe in two
two lasting bitter words
that will stain their memories
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 0 0
Free Now
burned memories
of angels lost
a cold heart screams
no one to heal me now
no one to tear me from
the stranger I've become
scars unseen
cut into dust
alone I scream
no one will help me now
no one will lend a hand
can't stand to feel so lost
halfway gone
a child's cry
a deafening scream
no one can see me now
no one can chain me down
not going back again
one slow tear
one black day
hold back the scream
no one can hear me now
no one can call me back
I'm lost forever, free now
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 1 0
drop my needs and watch you play
again too sweet to say...
covered up with fantasy
shielded from the act
acting for my heart
watching through dead eyes
pitiful despise
listening through their ears
they make me hopeful
and happy in my sweet dreams
I stumble through reality
and I do try
they tell me what I need to hear
I hear what I want to
I feel how I feel
and I live
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 0 0
A Static Dream
a static dream
and a late night grave
buried me deeply
desperate to save me
a weakened opinion
can no longer raise me
your lingering face
and my thoughts move quickly
reaching back for saviors
lost into eternity
like who I was
lost into our unity
a drop for the ways
of old days gone by
of grey bruised cloud sky
and how it captures me
lost in my mind
to how you captured me
a few winks away
from black heaven
I may catch just a glimpse
of your face
before, like always,
I watch you escape
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 0 0
rain seeps through
quiet night's escapade
my mind seeps too
bending towards you
drip          drop
then pistol's sharp pop
through a hole in my wall
I cherish you
now sleepy head
touch dreamy night's bed
of roses fade
sweet escapade
wake in time to find
first step's nevermind
stealing sidewalk creases
left to fall in line
struggling from truth
brimming with fate
pace growing slow
as memories reface
stumbling, now teary
footsteps now weary
trip, scrape my pride
bleed the sorrow inside
haze settles in
slow shivers begin
relieve all the sadness
recover comic relief
rain seeps through
this downpour's for you
heavy debt paid
relieve me of my escapade
:iconshimmy420:shimmy420 0 4


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Personal Quote: I shall live by passion and not by law.
Ty and I are back together for awhile until he goes out of town for a job.  But I'm happy.


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